Here's just a small sampling of the projects we've produced over the years.


SPecial order frames

This is an example of a finished corner frame that we recently had specially made for a customer.


Shadow box displays and float mounting

Creating a shadow box is a great way to show off what is most important to you. Floating objects in a shadow box helps create a sense of depth and preserves your keepsakes.


Vintage Photo retouching and preservation

This vintage photograph was in pretty rough shape after decades of handling. By scanning and digitally retouching the image, we were able to preserve the image and give it the beautiful vintage style frame it deserves. This project was completed in tandem with Hot Shoe Printing.

Hand Crafted PRecision

We do all of the work by hand and with the greatest attention to detail. And yes, we can pretty much frame anything.


We have a number of ways to mount your heirloom objects without causing any damage and that are fully reversible if the need arises. The most common way is to sew down the object by hand, one stitch at a time.

jersey framing

Framing sports jerseys is very popular and a great way to show your love of the game! We sew jerseys by hand with needle and thread, one stitch at a time. The sew-on is the most effective way to mount fabric/textile based pieces as it causes no damage to the piece itself and is fully reversible. If one stitch breaks over time, there's 99 more to hold it in place!

hand-made matters

Because there's literally nothing automated about our frame assembly, it gives us the flexibility to create unique presentations for your artwork. These prints, made by a local student artist, Sophie Brooks, are each individually mounted and floated in this 5 foot long shadow box. 

Local Pride

Want to show off some local pride? Vintage posters look fantastic in our antique finish frames!

Colors. All the colors.

Looking for something a little more, ahem, bold? Yep, we have that too. This awesome piece was made by JJ McLuckie - you can find more of his blindingly amazing work at

Unique Display Options

Do you have an unusual object or collection that you're not sure how to display? Let us help! This collection of vintage pins was a lot of fun to make and turned out fantastic! And of course they needed to be organized by color so it's a good thing our manager, Emily, is ultra detail oriented and super particular with colors. Seriously. Colors are kind of her thing.

Unique gift ideas

Seriously, we can frame anything. This was a really awesome gift idea from one of our regular customers. 


Kind Of A Big Deal

Do you have an extra large sized piece of art? No problem! We can handle any size - from a postage stamp to a giant poster from the Running of the Bulls in Seville! (Our customers really go on some amazing adventures - it's so fun to see the momentos and art they bring back.)